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Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)

PSIM (Physical Security Information   Management) is an software platform that integrates different types of  security systems modules like access control, surveillance , fire alarm, road blockers , perimeter security which has been controlled by  an advanced user interface system Aarmtech  PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) is a best option for  handling of the  security operation in control rooms where the massive amount of the information’s are been transferred. Our PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) analyze , organize and manage all kind of produced Aarmtech PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) have included several modules which  can  extend its functions in specific area of design and circuit simulation and perfectly able to provide a schematic capture interface. As a  best security system company we are more focused on all type of the security which is basically need in this current era. Our PSIM (Physical Security Information Management)  services was been utilized all over  the  Asia for the purpose of researches in industries and for the product development area. Our PSIM software is focused in the usage of nodal analysis and the trapezoidal rule integration as the basic of PSIM simulation algorithms. PSIM also has several modules that increase the productivity and working capabilities of a particulate sector information. The client of our company uses our PSIM for the beneficial industrial purposes as well. Our company meets the expectation of our clients because of our standards The standards call on our architectures and engineers to implement security measures in four different categories like perimeter and exterior security which controls parking area surveillance camera lightning with backup and physical barrier. Our Entry security area controls intrusion detection system upgraded to current life safety standards which helps a lot. Indian we have interior security which controls employee ids and We have emergency for four critical system and location of the day Care center’s so that the need for Federal building to be access to the public. There is a system of a circular perimeter around the building which secures the building. Physical security system  secure personal hardware software Network and data from physical action and also events that could cause serious loss in an agency or an institute from fire flat and left natural disaster terrorism etc.

Physical security system may collect information’s like How many workplaces,  buildings, or sites in an organization? The Size of the building of the organization and How many employees work in the organization How many entry and exit polls are there in a building And where does the Placement of data centers and other confidential information is located And whether there's a gap at the bottom of critical doors allows someone to uses any device to trip a sensor inside the security room Check whether is it easy or not to open the door by breaking the lock forcefully. And whether the doors or windows made of glass, especially the doors of the server room or other confidential areas?

It is all about hacking from the attacking point of view and deal with logical security. physical security is also a matter of concern from both harmful hackers and piercing tester's point of view. piercing testing against physical targets is also a common phase of testing

 It also identifies major security weakness and potential weakness and provides useful effective information which is helpful to determine the effectiveness and security guidelines. The main goal is to establish secured environment for the employee and personal files and intellectual assets. it Allows us to improve work space efficiency and creates smart solutions for the modern office like Magnetic doors are used to monitor alarms and fire detection system in order to suppress a fire during first stage and Cctv protection provides Maintaining perimeter security in medium level to high-secure areas and installations Observing behavior of incarcerated inmates and potentially dangerous patients in medical facilities. It also has a Traffic monitoring features and Overseeing locations and detects that which would be hazardous to a human, for example, highly radioactive or toxic poisonous industrial environments

It also provides Building and grounds security. And our technologies includes web based mobile applications which enables employees to enter the office using there smartphones an applications like cloud based services and cloud based solution and Grant's facility access to authorized personnel personnel and daily activity reports of security guard and incident reports also speeding delivery of important information between our security guards and our clients. Physical security system Can detect threads weapons including for example explosives and firearms it has measures to track down intruder and other threat's it can access control and lock systems physical and active variables it also has measures to protect employees from speed of chemical biological material and protect sensitive material or assets consider physical security system is a part of the building or facility will help to protect the building. It provides Custom built security systems to the companies where it brings all manpower operations into one platform from smarter schedule and got tracking to desegregated payroll and charge it is fully integrated wireless hard word and hybrid emergency call system to the senior living facilities channel facilities campus hospitals from coast to coast.

 Multiple technologies and software in network management for secured information and Data transfer also design software for field work management and supervision.

Physical security system is used in many enterprises environmental intelligence and smart cities. it allows the candidate to understand the importance of personal conditions and business it also allow us to understand and learn lessons from previous assessment and keep up with latest best physical security system