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Project Management

Project Management

Project Schedule, Resource Planning, Budgeting

Every project is a short-term attempt to provide value by producing a distinct good, service, or outcome. Every project will have a team, a new budget, a timeframe, and a list of requirements that the team must fulfill. We at AARMTech take up the process of Project management like Project Scheduling, Resource Planning as well as Budgeting for the same. 

      • The project schedule is a tool used in project management that, when properly created, may be used for planning, execution, monitoring, and communicating to the stakeholders about the delivery of the scope. The basic goal of project scheduling is to show how the project scope will be delivered over time.
      • The process of distributing work to team members based on their qualifications, capacities, and suitability for the position is known as resource planning. Assisting teams in managing their usage rates, tracking capacity, and tracking progress enhances efficiency and helps maintain projects under budget and on schedule. A resource planner may assist you in effectively managing team time and capacity to prevent employee burnout.
      • A financial strategy for all project expenses is the project budget (cost). The development of an extensive, trustworthy project budget is one of the key requirements for project budget management success. The budget is a projection of all the expenses that will likely be needed to finish the project. We use the phrase "should be" because a project will need extra money if it is not estimated properly.


Site Survey

Examining an area or spot to gather data or information is known as a site survey. This data comprises reports on feasibility, estimates of costs, and the time and effort needed to complete a particular activity.

Before beginning the practical work of a project, surveying the chosen site is one of the most crucial jobs. This gives the project management knowledge, but it may also prevent a lot of problems and possible risks to the work. Many risks may be lessened during the project's planning phase by using technology. A site survey often entails many visits to the location, and several factors are kept in view throughout.

Testing and Commissioning

Testing and Commissioning, a procedure focused on quality, ensures, confirms, and documents that the performance of buildings, systems, and assemblies satisfies predetermined goals and standards.

It is a comprehensive procedure that includes:

  • Planning
  • Coordinating
  • Delivery
  • Verification
  • Managing risks
  • Maintaining Quality

The resilience of "critical systems," maximum energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, increased system life, and lower operating and maintenance costs are all benefits of successful project commissioning. A new facility's commissioning guarantees that all systems are working as they should and that it starts its life cycle at maximum productivity.

With a very efficient group of experienced engineers and technicians, AARMTech offers testing and commissioning services in the best way possible.


Contract Management and Budget Control

Contract management is a complex supervision procedure that includes execution, vendor selection, issue identification and control, tracking, and processing. The first step in contract management is defining your goals. After that, you go on to soliciting bids, negotiating, and creating the contract's conditions. After then, you oversee performance and enforce the terms of the contract. When used appropriately, contract management procedures ensure that resources and skills are compatible with the goals of the project.

We offer the best contract management services that are integrated with project management and control, flow naturally across the business, constantly include team members for input and outcomes, and closely monitor contractors for performance and deadlines.



A Site Acceptance Test (SAT) is carried out at the site when the system is deployed in its permanent functioning location, A SAT is used to test and validate features with other site interfaces. These tests are conducted in designated locations.

At AARMTech, we take up site acceptance tests to provide our clients with high-quality testing and documentation. The tests are performed to ensure that certain needs and standards are satisfied across all projects.

Steps including our services

  • Feasibility Studies and reports
  • Audit and Assessment of fecility
  • Strategy preparation
  • Basic Design & Detailed Engineering
  • ‘For Tender‘ or ‘For Construction‘ Design Packages
  • Procurement Management Support
  • Project Management during construction and implementation phases - PMP methodologies
  • Installation assessment, Monitoring, Testing witness and Handover engineer service"