Advanced Asset Risk Management Technologies

AARMTech always cares about your integrity. We take your privacy as a important community principle. AARMTech will always maintain a good relationship with our customers . So we do keep our customer's data and other kinds of personal details safe and we won't misuse it in any manner. AARMTech has adopted a standard privacy policy to ensure our commitments to protect your privacy. We are responsible for keeping all your details secured. Our privacy policy applies to all kinds of personal information we collect from you to provide services and solutions. The information we collect from you may come from direct interaction with you. when you need a service for a specific task, we may require the information related to it .so all the Information and the working type will be only between us. We will collect the information with the relevant regulations and laws. The one who gives us information is supposed to give relevant, accurate, and up to date information. If u are providing information from any other persons you must obtain consent to both disclose from that person.