Advanced Asset Risk Management Technologies

Social Responsibilities

We humans are a socially interacting beings. So, we have more responsibilities to our society. AARMTech always gives a good priority for the social responsibilities. We provide all kinds of social support required for our employees. We do not discriminate our employees in any manner. We respect all religions and cultures.

AARMTech has a big impact in security field. So, if there is any disaster occurring, we will be helping our nationals as we take it as our responsibility to help our nation in such disaster and vulnerabilities. While going through any project, we usually check whether the project has a negative impact to our environment, if so, we will not proceed with it. We are always environmental friendly and will care for our environment with a great impact. AARMTech has a role in sustainable development in the industry of security. We take it as our responsibility to be a part In the integration of the security industry with environmental friendly atmosphere. We are very happy to take care of the safety and security of people and the Asset often in a harsh environment, as we take it as our responsibility.

aarmtech certification

Our Certifications

"AARMTECH is more focused on implementing international certifications for firms and employees . Aarmtech is certified by ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001.

Our employees are certified by ASIS physical security professional, Certified protection professional , Project management professional and Nebosh"