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Microwave Intrusion Detection

Microwave Intrusion detection solution is a Perimeter security solution that is a very effective way that keeps intruders out of the zone and so it does not let them enter in. This solution also visions to keep captives contained within the boundaries. If any kind of malicious activity is found while inspecting, the microwave intrusion detection solution will immediately report to the corresponding authority so that quick action can be made. Microwave sensors will be generating an electromagnetic field between the transmitter and the receiver so that it will be able to form an invisible volumetric detection zone. This is used to detect the intruder, when an intrusion occurred in the detection zone microwave intrusion detection will recognize it and will report it as an alarm or by another method. Our microwave intrusion detection solution will be best for your firm. Our microwave intrusion detection solution Covers large areas for detecting intrusion, lowers the Nuisance of the alarm