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Engineering Consultancy

Engineering Consultancy

Conceptual & Feasibility Study

Each business opportunity requires a feasibility study to determine whether you should move forward with the project. Opportunities like opening a new location, buying another company, or changing a part of your internal operations may be an affordable option and offer guaranteed sales increases or decreased costs. You may decide if an opportunity is good for you by grasping the fundamental ideas for recognising the tangibles and intangibles connected to business decisions of this kind.

The team at AARMTech has a variety of expertise across many industries and can swiftly prepare feasibility studies or concept plans to establish the viability of client ideas or to examine several potential choices, which are frequently needed in a short turnaround time.

Basic Engineering

The conceptual design work done before creates the framework for a basic engineering project. The separation process is reviewed using data from data banks, information from your internal knowledge base, and results from pilot experiments. To provide you with an optimum design, we'll use our experience and capacity for scaling up from pilot and demonstration tests to a commercial-size process unit.

Cost Estimation

All of the required labour and supplies must be present for a project to be completed, and all of these factors are expensive. It might be difficult to create a budget that maximises the project's quality and scope while minimising expenditures. Because of this, accurate cost estimation is essential. Project managers can only complete the project's goals and objectives if they have a cost-estimating methodology in place, according to executives and other project stakeholders.

AARMTech's cost-estimating services are offered by certified cost engineers with experience in both costs estimating and functional engineering. These services are designed to either help businesses with their cost-estimating procedures, verify their work to guarantee accuracy, or handle all estimation tasks during the course of the project.

Value Engineering

Value engineering is a methodical, planned strategy to deliver project-related activities at the lowest possible cost. It encourages the use of less expensive substitutes for materials and techniques without compromising functionality. Value engineering is particularly important since, according to various sources, up to 80% of a product's expenses are fixed during the design development phase. In light of the time it requires, Value Engineering should be seen as a crucial step in the product development process and is sensible business practice. It is strongly advised that you include value engineering in your new product development process to strengthen it and for practical commercial considerations.

Value engineering demands a thorough understanding of both design and construction. At AARMTech, our diverse, experienced workforce offers affordable alternatives to increase the project's value at the pre-and post-design stages to benefit the stakeholders. increased profitability, reduced product and running expenses, improved project quality, efficient resource utilisation, and longer life cycles.

Detailed Design

The detailed industrial security design stage's objective is to transform the sketch design into construction-ready working drawings and specifications. During this phase, the cost consultant will be required to regularly examine the project and cost plan and offer guidance if the cost seems to be rising. Additionally, it contains the specifications for all the purchased components, including preferred vendors and component names. The output of this stage is a thorough and accurate physical description of every component of the final product.

We at AARMTech are aware of how crucial precise design engineering is to completing tasks successfully, affordably, and on schedule. Our team of renowned industry experts has a ten-year track record of working on a wide variety of engagements and draws on a diversified skill set.

Technical Documentation

Technical documentation is information about how to use, use effectively, create, or construct a product. The desired goal is to guarantee that everyone involved in maintaining, deploying, or supervising the mentioned product has a clear grasp of its dependencies and functionalities. This includes end users, administrators, technicians, and others. The dedication of your business to producing clear, personalised materials that effectively explain how to use, maintain, and service a product is reflected in the high calibre of our technical documentation.

We provide comprehensive technical document creation and upkeep services to assist you to meet the content objectives for your procedures, goods, and services.

Steps including our services

  • Feasibility Studies and reports
  • Audit and Assessment of fecility
  • Strategy preparation
  • Basic Design & Detailed Engineering
  • ‘For Tender‘ or ‘For Construction‘ Design Packages
  • Procurement Management Support
  • Project Management during construction and implementation phases - PMP methodologies
  • Installation assessment, Monitoring, Testing witness and Handover engineer service"