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Radio coverage study services

We provide comprehensive and reliable handheld portable radio coverage study services for industrial and hazardous environments, Prior to conducting the radio coverage study, Aarmtech gathers all necessary drawings, and documents such as location/facility layout drawings, proposed location details, and the elevation data of the facility were collected, we provide recommendations to address any identified issues to ensure optimal coverage.

We do investigation of the frequency dependence of the radio coverage so that optimal frequency region can be determined for a certain industrial environment. The received signal of radio frequency should be able to detect the message without any interruption, we provide recommendations to address any identified issues to ensure optimal coverage and ensure compliance with project specifications and standards throughout the analysis and recommendation phase.
We use powerful software tool that enables Radio system designers and integrator to plan and design radio systems with ease. With this tool, users can increase the coverage of radio systems while lowering costs and maximizing the coverage

Our company specializes in radio frequency connections. We carry out portable tetra radio coverage studies to determine the type of radio and antennas that best meet the needs of our customers. We have extensive field experience, specialized technicians, and specific tetra radio frequency equipment to perform radio coverage studies.


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