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Anti Drone System

Drone hunter is  the drone interceptor technology which  can perform  the particular task efficiently on day or night.AARMTech drone hunter can detect and capture a system which is applicable for any qualified drone platform by going through an anti-drone system procedure. We are capable of  supporting the number of drone hunter platform with consideration of various flight duration, speed, working efficiency. Drone technology is been misused for tracking people and to attack. AARMTech drone hunter solution which will help our customer from drone attack and misuse of the drone in the futuristic ways to knock such kind of drones .  AARMTech has an autonomous drone interceptor with the activation of premier AL - enabled. Our drone hunter solution will help our customer to get rid of multiple drone and to vanquish drones.The anti drone solution of AARMTech works efficiently by acting as an intelligent shield which detects the intruding drones. Throughout the anti-drone system, the detectors identify the drone which is approaching the site even far kilometers away. After detecting, the anti-drone system identifies the size and model of the drone and observes it's negativeness and weakness and nullifies them. In this way, our anti-drone system helps our client's site to prevent intruding drones to enter and intrude. Every year the world is drastically upgrading the technology and reaching its level of heights. Compared to classical technologies the world has modernized the technology and took it to another level. Technologies are vast in nature and if one happens to count with his hand would not be able to do it so. Looking at the fact there can also be technologies that can be hidden and also create a lot of destruction, there is no doubt that due to the insecurities of technologies a secure life becomes a priority. One instance of modern technology can be the drone. A drone can function in several terms, a drone can fly, can have a camera with an accurate capture of an image, etc. the Drone can have a lot of features in it. The drone is also known as one of the advanced technologies in this era of modernization. The fact of the matter is that a drone can also have the function to recognize people and attack them, which becomes a mere threat to one’s life. The drone was invented with positive intentions, but in the same way, it can also be misused through the alteration of it’s function. The misuses of it can be spying on others, fixing a bomb in it, etc.

There are firms which need their own privacy where they keep all their important documents like their ideologies and many other secret documents. These are the places where no human can risk his life looking after it’s secret documents, it again becomes the work of a drone to do the job easily. Well if that is the case then technology itself can be a threat to another technology.

Introducing the Drone Hunter, a technology which itself is a drone and it’s work is to find the threatening drone and to dismantle it’s functions or neutralize it completely. This particular technology scans the nearby drone and neutralizes it, being it neutral it cannot move further on it’s mission. Hence this Technology becomes a source of security to highly secrecy held places by sensing nearby Drone and completely dismantling it.

This Drone Hunter runs with a visual tracking algorithm. This means it can trace the origin of it’s enemy and visualize it’s mission and then moves further on neutralism of the technology. The

  drone also sends a signal to the controller or authority behind it’s functions indication danger.

AARMTech drone hunter solution is the best among the existing drone hunter provided by other companies. Because we have integrated our drone hunting solution with the latest technology speed of performance is increased. You have to be safe towards all kind of drone attacks if you have the drone hunter solution, it will stop and mobilize the malicious drone before they entire to your firm. And will always try safe distance while doing tasks. For the different purpose there are different type of drone hunting picking one which fit all your requirements is quite difficult  a task for you. we will help you to sort out all these problems by taking proper action. We have installed drone hunting solutions like multi-rotor drone solution fixed wing drone solution  ,  fixed-wing hybrid solution single-rotor drone solution and will also install customized drone hunting solution as per the requirements of our client.