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Anti Drone System

Wanting to protect your complex infrastructure- such as airports, stadiums, the defense sector, petrochemical plants, etc. from any approaching danger, such as deadly drones which have the potential to destroy the infrastructure and can make the organization incur a great loss. To tackle this issue, Aarmtech provides an anti-drone system, which in itself is a drone that has the potential of tracking, classify, and then alert. Moreover, it may not always be a drone, it can also be a radar performing the detection, classification, locating/tracing, and as well alerting beforehand. Anti-drone system technology encompasses a larger range of countermeasures that will detect, identify, track, disable or destroy UAVs. Often in many cases, the multiple sensors and devices will be integrated into a single anti-drone system.

The anti-drone solution our company provides is very wisely designed to distinguish between what is right and wrong through artificial intelligence. The drone functions in such a way that it can detect an approaching unallied drone from a very far range. Here, the drone is highly designed to distinguish between a drone and any other things, such as birds, airplanes, etc. This reduces the trouble of inaccurate detection, this provides a high-level accuracy when it comes to detecting a specific drone approaching your organization.

The Anti-Drone system provided by our company also tends to perform a location survey of the drone, no matter how far it is, therefore it can easily locate and trace the whereabouts of the unallied drone approaching your complex infrastructures. The perks of having an anti-drone system from our company is that it can perform a real-time Location of the approaching drone and can accurately trace its current location, hence, meeting all the needs of the clients with a highly qualified drone system. Nevertheless, alerting about the approaching danger is way more important, therefore the anti-drone system aarmtech provides, alerts about a drone approaching the infrastructure beforehand, this enables the organization to act fast and rapidly find solutions to eradicate the approaching dangers and can save its infrastructure from getting dispatched. Moreover, the anti-drone system Aarmtech provides has the potential and capabilities to capture high-resolution images, which in return can enable the organization to know the model of the drone nearing the infrastructure, this henceforth provides help in enacting as soon as possible to dismantle the drone nearing them.

Moreover, the Anti done system provided by our company can also read the models of drones approaching, this helps the Anti-Drone solution to know the unallied drone and can perform the dismantling of the approaching drone by completely making it stop working, this helps the organization to stop the drone entering the zone or field of an organization beforehand intelligently performed by the anti-drone system apart from these, the anti-drone system has a high-level sound system which can have a greater impact on alerting the company and its employees. Thus, Aarmtech’s Anti-drone Solution performs almost every set of works and can protect your environment from any sort of destruction. Thus Aarmtech’s anti-drone system is one of s kind and is bringing you a quality product with a high level of functionality, conditioned and we’ll maintain an anti drone System. Moreover, Anti drone solutions also consist of a microphone system, which can easily trace and locate the sound of a drone approaching the organization, AARMTech designs anti drone system to be more efficient, we design it by considering all the parameters and it has the potential and power to recognize multiple sounds at a time, this again makes sure if two or more drones are nearing the zone.