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Industrial Paging System

An industrial paging system can be effectively used for having communication with a large audience to alert an emergency or to convey a message. The paging system provides a clear and amplified communication system to the audience. It delivers a message through a speaker after it is broadcasted. A variety of messages can be delivered using a paging system. An example of a paging system is warning employees in case of emergency. This camn deliever messages via different landline links that connect to different nearby landline links, but some areas are not protected by the landline link, so in such cases, the message can be delivered by satellite to a farther away than the base is located. By this technique, the paging system helps you to send messages wherever you wish to send to large covered areas. Paging system which can be accessed through certain paging numbers, this type of message is only received by the people who are subscribed to the certain paging system. It can deliver group messages using a telephone system.

The paging system is an electronic sound amplification and distribution system with several field units and each unit having a microphone, built-in amplifier, and loudspeakers. This enables a person to address various areas of the factory, a large gathering of factory staff, and also for announcements of movements at large and noisy air, rail terminals, and industries. It is the critical equipment you need to deliver crystal clear messages and alarms throughout the facility to guarantee the safety of your personnel. Aarmtech has a great solution for a public address emergency with a state-of-the-art paging system that promotes truly exceptional operational reliability and truly effective and efficient content.

We are capable of providing your company with a clear high vocal voice with high definition quality works as the company fabricates the best public addressing products of all based technology & automated public. This system will allow callers to forward the message to one another with a pager in the specified coverage area. A paging system that delivers information will be either in a tone, a voice, or maybe on a display page. Tone only paging service contains no messages, it implies that the receiver should contact predetermined personnel to retrieve the message. This type of paging system is commonly seen on dispatch service. A voice paging system allows sending a lengthy voice directly to the pager. Voice pager is commonly used and it doesn’t need any other special devices or predetermined personnel to retrieve the message, voice paging itself contains the alert message. This type is most commonly used in mission-critical projects and in hospitals where time is crucial.

A display paging system allows sending the information in a numeric or alphanumeric way and requires special data entry equipment. Capcode or the page code of individual and information which is supposed to reach the pager are determined as the paging Information or paging message. Transmission of the paging system can be either binary or analog. In the binary transmission, the pager will lookup for the frequency shift which in short is known as the FSK-NRZ and the transmission of the information is on ones and zeros as the binary code represent ones and zeros and the baud rate of the transmission is defined by bits per second. As the bit per second increases, the transmission speed will also increase with less air time required. In the analog transmission, the pager receiver will be receiving as a carrier frequency and it is been demodulated the audio tone or the voice transmissions.