Advanced Asset Risk Management Technologies

Training and After Sale

Training and After Sale

Classroom/On-Site Training

The manufacturing workforce is under more stress than ever because of the skills gap in the industry. The operational and technological systems they must develop, manage, and maintain are becoming more complicated. To complement the expanding tasks and responsibilities of many occupations, diverse skill sets are in demand. A generation of knowledgeable employees is retiring and leaving behind priceless tribal wisdom.

We provide a variety of possibilities for employees to learn, educate, and develop, ranging from instructor-led courses to certificate programmes and training workstations. Our training programmes aid in closing the gap in industrial skills for both employees and employers.


Training Material Customisation

You need a thorough training programme that meets a particular demand, but you lack the time or money to provide it.

We have assisted clients from a range of sectors in implementing corporate training programmes successfully and boosting their bottom lines. We use the greatest learning approaches and technology available to develop highly engaging, interactive learning solutions that improve employee performance. If you need a completely new programme, our team of training professionals is here to help. Our current collection of skills programmes is already created into comprehensive customizable training materials. With this solution, you have access to a "one-stop shop" for all of your corporate training needs.


Warranty Support

Businesses must reassure clients of the quality, dependability, and longevity of their services in order to survive in a competitive market. There is no better way to demonstrate your confidence in your goods or service and dedication to your customers' ongoing happiness than by offering a guarantee that provides your consumers peace of mind.

The committed warranty support representatives are prepared to assist you in keeping your promises to your consumers about service and support. Our warranty support staff can help with all levels of warranty assistance, including confirming the legitimacy of warranty claims, technical support, helping customers with return requests, and deploying your field agents for on-site requirements.


Maintenance Support

The process of iteration or updating is essential to the development of software. Technology support software must go through support and maintenance processes simultaneously. Companies need to keep up with the rapidly changing technology trends. Only with the assistance of professionals who can provide dependable technology support services will their success continue. Software maintenance is the proactive creation of new features or the prioritisation of low-priority "bugs" that don't affect the product's user interface and design.

We provide support and maintenance packages that cover both anticipated and unforeseen software problems on a variety of hardware and software.

Our support staff specifies our response times and guarantees our team's availability to meet your demands. Our professionals can resolve your service requests through remote sessions as soon as it is received thanks to our remote software support services.

Steps including our services

  • Feasibility Studies and reports
  • Audit and Assessment of fecility
  • Strategy preparation
  • Basic Design & Detailed Engineering
  • ‘For Tender‘ or ‘For Construction‘ Design Packages
  • Procurement Management Support
  • Project Management during construction and implementation phases - PMP methodologies
  • Installation assessment, Monitoring, Testing witness and Handover engineer service"