Advanced Asset Risk Management Technologies

Mission & Vision

“Our goal when we created AARMTech a decade ago was the same as it is today: To improve people’s safety and security through advanced technologies and new innovations.”

Being in a secured atmosphere is the sole important strategy to be considered in a highly risky area of Work place. AARMTech is very Much concerned about enabling you a proven source of highly innovative and integrated security solution that gives you a complete protection for your Asset and whatsoever.


Since its inception, AARMTech has played a vital role in providing Security to it’s clients , we believe that our services remains the same as today. I.e. To improve Peoples safety and security through advanced technologies and new innovations which satiates the requirement and specific needs of our customers, adding them with ultimate safety and security of petrochemical plants and high protection for the assets. We do firmly believe that our success will be based on few important factors which is as follow:

  • Delivering innovative integrated security solutions
  • Providing fast and efficient customer services
  • Recruiting talented and Hard working Engineer's
  • Improving and updating our solutions along with the services we provide
  • Making quick and Efficient decision where ever required


Our vision is to provide a supercilious support to our customer through our service.We are always aware of new trends in the field of security and are committed to applying it in our solutions. We always improvise our services by surveying the interests of our customers. Our goal is to attain massive upgrades and improvements being honest to our principle. AARMTech has set certain standards and regulations to be followed so that we will always be giving our priorities to the standards and will always work according to the guidelines set by the Government and other corresponding authority.

aarmtech certification

Our Certifications

ISO 9001 is essential for setting the standard for a quality management system that provides a functional and practical management system for monitoring and improving all business areas.. By implementing the ISO 9001 any organization can be molded with the quality standards. ISO 9001 will be a key factor that specifies every requirements essential for an effective quality management system which continuously improves the quality. Implementing ISO 9001 has number of benefits.It helps to organize a quality management system that focuses more on improving customer satisfaction, management satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

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