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Access Control System

Access Control system solutions have various applications in the main entry, floor main entry, server room, and in-office main entry. The main purpose of having an Access control system is to restrict unauthorized access to a particular area and also it can be integrated into other security systems for monitoring and giving an alarm when a person with no access is trying to be inside an unauthorized area. AARMTech is an enterprise that has a quick solution for the modern organization including Access Control solutions. AARMTech Access Control system software affords modern advanced technology with the integration of innovative networking technology for providing the best security system for your firm or in any public and private sector. We have Access Control system solutions for warehouse security, industrial security, laboratory security, Hospital security, Datacenter security policy, Building security systems, and so on. The access control system may benefit you gradually in restricting to access a place or a resource by a particular visitor. As the name says access control system is complete control of the access to a certain area it may be a property, building, a company, or a room where the entrance is blocked for a non-authorized person. So the access control solution is a must in such areas to prevent the unauthorized access of an individual. To make your business or firm very secure and if you don’t want an unauthorized person accessing the restricted area, you must be considered having an access control system.

AARMTech deals with different types of access control manufacturing systems all over the world. The implication of an Access Control solutions will lead to ensure a maximum security level both in internal and external areas. While carrying out the project on the Access control system, we will deeply study your firm and will suggest the best type of access control system to be installed. By knowing the requirements we can install the wall-mounted cared reading access control system, pin type access control system sophisticated biometric access control systems, or fingerprint reading access control systems. All these needs can be fulfilled by actually knowing your requirements and we will try our best to fit your requirements impressively. There is a different type of Access control system solution available in the market and depending upon the usage, where it is to be used and the level of complicity Access control system and its infrastructure will vary. Most of the card access control systems have an access control card, card reader, or a keypad as a user interface and access management dashboard or API for the admin's face, Access control panels, or the access control panels as an infrastructure. The main three types of access control systems are role-based access control solution, discretionary access control solution, and mandatory access control solution.

The mechanical locks have limitations to the access control system like in, mechanical lock recording of the entrance details like who entered when entries and how long a person was in cannot be done. Moreover, if the key is loosed, complete access cannot be done even to the respective authority. So the physical access control systems are not compatible in all situations. So to overcome this limitation the utilization of electronic access control systems becomes obvious. Electronic access control systems are a type of digital network which controls the access of a certain restricted area to the unauthorized person and give a loud alarm so that the respective authority comes to know about the unauthorized access tried by someone and can take action for it.