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Security Consulting Services

Security Consulting Services

AARMTech is Wide-Reaching security consultancy company , we are privileged with highly talented engineers, and experienced expertise - we do all the detailed study of the needs of a firm and executes them accordingly. Our security consulting service uses tools like software, networks, and computer systems for inabilities and for fetching technical data. Our consultancy always is at the peak of providing the best security system without any compromises. AARMTech provides safety and security consulting services to petrochemical plants, Oil & Gas sector, public corporations, Defense, government, and high net-worth individuals. Our clients usually ask us to help them to develop a secure life for their staff and their asset with coverage of a wider range of their firms. Our security providers have enacted on behalf of the issues provided by the client, our team visits the site and examines the need without forgetting even a corner of a firm and execution of it in making it ever possible. AARMTech also provides security to several assets of a company, the environment, and other kinds of alternatives. Our security consulting service provides a high professionalized technically molded employees to fix your issues. Our security consultancy has gained work experience in intermediate-level security assessments in security administrators, security specialists, security analysts, and security auditors. AARMTech has vast experience in security consultation services from the context of reliable resources with resources in India as well as in the Middle East. Our Experiences professionals have vast experience in the security consultancy field that allows AARMTech to deliver supercilious service to our customers.

  • Security Risk Management
  • Security Survey API 780
  • Security Strategy
  • Security Continuity Management
  • Cybersecurity Implementation

Security Risk Management

The continuous process of identifying these security risks and putting procedures in place to mitigate them is known as security risk management. The probability that well-known threats would take advantage of weaknesses and the effects they have on priceless assets are taken into account when calculating risk. The stakeholders of any company must avoid the possibility of digital security risk merely from a technical viewpoint in isolation from larger economic and societal issues if they are to profit from the digital environment. The complexity of digital security risk is also something that is being considered even by public policymakers in light of its many facets, which include national security, international security, economic and social prosperity, law enforcement ("cybercrime"), and conflict. AARMTech’s Security Risk Assessment services in Saudi Arabia practices help customers negotiate the most complex and newly developing security concerns by offering professional advice, subject matter knowledge, and a worldwide footprint.

Security Survey API 780

The Security Risk Assessment API technique was created for the petroleum and petrochemical sector, covering a wide range of both fixed and mobile applications. Instead of providing a broad framework for SRAs, this Standard outlines a particular approach that is flexible and scalable to the needs of the user. This methodology is one method for evaluating security risks for facilities serving the petrochemical and petroleum industries. However, different approaches to risk assessment are available to businesses, and they all have characteristics in common with risk assessment. We at AARMTech help overcome the objective of conducting a security risk assessment as a means of assisting management in truly understanding the risks facing the organisation and in effectively determining the sufficiency of or need for additional protective measures to address the threats, vulnerabilities, and potential consequences.

Security Strategy

Cybersecurity is becoming a more prominent role in enterprise security strategy. The complexity of the cyber security threat in this sector requires organisations to first understand what it means for them, the acceptable degree of risk, and the most important cyber security investment areas. Thus, a security plan is a crucial document that outlines the processes required for a business to recognize, address, and manage risks while remaining compliant. We can assist you by providing a variety of skills for creating a cyber security plan, including Determining what is most important to your firm and safeguarding it. To increase security for your firm, close security holes, create risk management plans and spend resources more wisely. Our cyber specialists have a thorough awareness of the threat environment and use a risk-based methodology to determine how it affects particular organisations.

Business Continuity Management

The goal of business continuity management (BCM), a subset of risk management, is to eliminate the possibility of interruptions to operational activities or processes. It aims to safeguard the organization's commercial interests by giving it the tools necessary to respond to risks like data breaches and natural catastrophes. BCM encompasses crisis management, incident management, emergency management, business recovery, and contingency planning. In order to make sure you can respond to potential risks and recover from them as efficiently as possible, entails creating and evaluating business continuity plans (BCPs). The BCM service from AARMTech is fully capable of developing strategies for difficult issues in order to provide succinct solutions with experience across several sectors. It all boils down to that question, just as it does when it comes to company continuity and business in general. Various businesses will have different demands.

Cybersecurity Implementations

A good cybersecurity system is now more important than ever in the modern era of fast technological innovation. On one side, technology like IoT, AI, and ML continued to advance; on the other, cyberattacks persisted in developing. Virtually all commercial enterprises, regardless of size, are subject to cybersecurity concerns as a result of the ongoing growth in cybercrime. An industry best practice is to start with a cybersecurity implementation strategy and stick with it all the way through the development cycle. The procedure is laborious, though, and requires careful planning before being put into action. In order to speed up your security and compliance with industry standards, AARMTech sets up a security implementation process that works to create a vast collection of accelerators, reusable assets, and frameworks. Aside from having the most impressive certificates and credentials, we also have considerable information security technology experience and competence. To detect risk, create strategies, and put best practices and processes in place, our cutting-edge information security technology is paired with information security solutions.

Steps including our services

  • Feasibility Studies and reports
  • Audit and Assessment of fecility
  • Strategy preparation
  • Basic Design & Detailed Engineering
  • ‘For Tender‘ or ‘For Construction‘ Design Packages
  • Procurement Management Support
  • Project Management during construction and implementation phases - PMP methodologies
  • Installation assessment, Monitoring, Testing witness and Handover engineer service"