Advanced Asset Risk Management Technologies

AAARMTech is a specialist in Telecommunication and Security Engineering that not only works within its geographical limits but also across the globe. We rigidly follow the rules of our country. AARMTech can effectively run projects all over the world. We are always prepared to work on any security project globally, making AARMTech the best security company among other companies. When we take on a project we work on it globally and give significance to international certifications. Our professionals have attained a good number of international certifications. AARMTech focuses more on the ASIS standards. We embrace international certifications and support professionals in achieving them. Our partners are connected nationally and globally.

aarmtech certification

Our Certifications

"AARMTech is more focused on implementing international certifications for firms and employees. AARMTech is certified by ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001.

Our employees are certified by ASIS physical security professional, Certified protection professional, Project management professional, and Nebosh"