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LRDAS Solutions

Long Range Detection & Assessment System (LRDAS) is a category of radar sensors and long-range cameras that keep an eye on activities near or on important infrastructure regions including airports, seaports, military bases, international borders, oil & gas refineries, and other key industries, among others. Given that it has capacities ranging from a few hundred meters to more than 10 kilometers, the LRDAS is recommended in situations where long-range surveillance is necessary. The time available to respond to possible threats is increased since incursion is detected from a great distance, allowing employees to recognise the problem and make a security choice before it reaches the boundary. Using the most cutting-edge monitoring and sensor technologies available, AARMTech helps in stopping issues before they start, and we're always working to improve our security design procedure. Our objective is to offer a completely integrated, end-to-end solution that offers creative answers to emerging threats and technologies, regardless of the scope and complexity of the project.