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PAGA Coverage Study

Our engineers are acutely aware of the importance of building a reliable, fail-safe and highly intelligible PAGA system.The selection and placement of loudspeakers are meticulously planned by qualified and competent sound experts. You will enjoy a quality system which will produce high speech intelligibility over the entire facility. Using state-of-the art computer modelling software to predict the surrounding ambient noise and reverberation effects of nearby structures. Our renowned capability in providing the most comprehensive coverage study for PAGA has put us at the forefront of the competition.


Aarmtech Acoustic study service is available to enable the project to predict broadcast system performance. The study is executed on the basis of a site survey, where actual broadcast versus ambient noise sound pressure level readings are recorded and mapped onto area plot plans. For green field sites the acoustic coverage study can be implemented from data derived from ambient noise predictions. In either case the field equipment is then specified in terms of type, quantity, orientation, frequency response and power output.

The System performance criterion includes intelligibility of speech, speech/alarm tone audibility, and broadcast clarity, in each case with the coverage area envelope defined by the client.

In order to execute an acoustic study we require some basic information from the client:- Scaled plot plan and elevation drawings generated in Auto CAD, area classification i.e. Safe area, zone 1 and zone 2 potentially explosive hazardous area, performance basis for study – Broadcast audibility and/or intelligibility. The coverage envelope required detailing escape routes, muster areas, and critical locations. Finally ambient noise predictions for each area of the site can be in the form of contoured maps, spreadsheet analysis, software-generated files or spot ambient noise data given at strategic locations. Where the client has no knowledge of the ambient noise then Aarmtech are able to deliver a solution based on our nominated ambient noise estimates from our extensive experience of similar sites.

Output from the acoustic study

A graphical illustration of system broadcast performance is overlaid on to the client project plot plan drawings, this shows coverage sound pressure level gradients from each loudspeaker and signal to ambient noise maps (relative levels above the ambient noise levels measured or predicted). Each device is uniquely tag numbered with the following data appended – power setting, type of loudspeaker (i.e. horn-loaded, direct radiator, explosion proof or safe area) alignment. The study considers compartment footprint and height, dividing walls, target listening area, location, and quantity of devices. A detailed report is delivered which contains the design input data, the basis for the study, rules/specifications (where applicable), and output data i.e. quantity of field devices, location, and type. The report details the predicted performance of the system and compliance with specification/standards plus any corrective actions.