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Drone for Monitoring

The drone solution is specially designed for having a drone for monitoring purposes and it is designed intelligently that can perform various monitoring tasks effectively. Now a day’s many industries are using a drone for monitoring purposes. The drone size also varies and it is way more different from the helicopter surveillance. The surveillance done by helicopters is open and can be visible to the naked eye and an individual can make out that it is on surveillance work and is keeping an eye on someone, but the form is usually small in size and it can stay in the sky for a longer period and can perform surveillance with high range of quality. The drone monitoring solution by Aarmtech also has the potential to click high-resolution pictures and can record videos for a longer period due to its high battery durability. To tackle the issue of loss of battery, The Drone monitoring solution also has a thin wire connected from the grounds while the drone is still in the sky, in return solving the issue of the battery getting drained and can easily stay in the sky and protect the environment by its exemplary Surveillance ability. These drone monitors have the potential to capture high-quality still images as well high definition Videos 24 hours. This Drone monitoring solution is so powerful that it can also produce live feed videos and still images to perform real-time surveillance. As the usage of drones for monitoring purposes has increased, the specification of the drone system is also increased up to the mark. Drone for monitoring solutions also have the capability of face recognition, which helps an organization to distinguish between any strange activities, and the drone can make out by recognizing the facial expressions if the individual is a threat or not to the company, this ensures security to the company and can eradicate any loss or threat to the company. It also functions in capturing the vehicle on roads to distinguish whether or not there is any suspicion in it. Most probably the Drone monitoring solution also can detect if any suspicious object is kept in the fields, vehicles, body, etc. This helps an organization to get an alert from the drone monitoring solution and can react to it as soon as posted and save its organization from any dangerous tools or objects beforehand creating any destruction. Most importantly the drone monitoring solutions provided by us also have the potential to trace and track tire Marks and footprints. Thus, the drone monitoring system performs in a very exemplary manner and can collect huge data’s from different fields, hence ensuring a safe and secure environment by providing a high level of surveillance, Alerting, and locating the dangers. Thus, the Drone monitoring system is qualified to do the work of capturing still images and Videos in real time with high definition and good quality images, it can provide facial Recognition facilities to understand the behavioral pattern of an individual, can perform surveillance anonymously without anyone’s knowledge due to its varieties of size by hiding in the sky for a longer period and monitoring and detecting any suspicious object from a vehicle or people. Nevertheless, Our drone solutions also consist of a high-quality camera sensor, which is capable of capturing real-time still images, this immediately has the capability to recognize the model of the drone approaching the fields, these counter-drone solutions also have the ability to record real-time Videos.