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Milestone VMS

AARMtech provides real-time Video analytics, which has been utilized for the advanced processing of image algorithms to deviate video into actionable intelligence. With the help of our video analytics, you can track moving and stationary targets by an advanced object-tracking engine. We have highly effective software for the purpose of wide-range surveillance of vehicles and other objects. Our video analytics solution is capable of adapting accordingly to the variation in weather and lighting conditions.

We focus more on making our Video Analytic relevant to capture a wide range analysis by adding the advanced feature. AARMtech being the best security consulting company in GCC has the best video Analytic solution. A milestone VMS is usually a good strategic criterion for choosing video analytics, hence our company chooses the best for milestone VMS to paradoxically improve the criteria of the video analytics. Our company also uses the Milestone VMS solution to run software that works based on detection and alarm. The usage of milestone VMS leads to better-producing video recording solutions.

By using video analytics the surveillance system can be more reliable and will be reducing the work pressure on the respective authority who works under the security management. In Airports, video analytics are been used to find out terrorist movements and other kinds of illegal movements. AARMtech provides you best video surveillance solution by utilizing networked devices, sophisticated IP cameras, and advanced software. We use three common types of video analytics Fixed algorithm analytics, artificial intelligence learning algorithms, and Facial recognition system. Each algorithm will be checking for a specific action, typical facial recognition system is based on a real-time match of the image against another image, this system matches a face that is been already stored in the database. If the face is not in the database then it will create a new record in the database. Millions of images are been recording in a database to make this system more efficient and reliable. Nowadays Video analytics is widely used to secure any kind of firm where a number of CCTV systems are installed.