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CCTV Surveillance System

We provide a wide range of customized and secured CCTV solutions for indoor and outdoor protection with high-resolution internal video recording along with an integrated microphone and speaker. CCTV surveillance solutions are capable of capturing and documentation of security misfortune from endless events. There is a wide range of cameras with FPS, using JPEG compression which can be controlled by central software and fully automated operation. AARMTech CCTV surveillance solution is the gateway to protect and monitor your Assets which makes our company one of the best among the GCC. If you are searching for professionals for protecting your assets by analyzing the best CCTV system solution company, then AARMTech CCTV camera solution is the right option for you because we are blessed with highly talented engineers and experienced employees to manage any projects regarding security events, this makes our customer to have a good bond with us and to be known as the best security system consulting company in Asia. CCTV system which is also famous for the name video analytic is widely used for transmitting the signals to the respective place where the actual performance of the CCTV system is most required and also can monitor the performance easily and can be stored for future use if needed. Most of the control rooms in industries are utilizing CCTV systems to monitor the parts of the process. AARMTech, security consulting company will provide you a technically updated CCTV surveillance solution where you can have a look by keeping track of your Asset or your workplace. For different places, we need different types of CCTV surveillance solutions. So we need to know what kind of CCTV surveillance cameras fits your requirements. 

A security network may include firewalls, intrusion detection logic as well as forwarding logic. An integrated security system uses three of these processes to observe and detect whether any malicious content is present. Substantially, a security integrated system opts as a working manual for better security and safety. One of the subsystem functions together security system is video surveillance or CCTV camera. The CCTV cameras are one of the main factors for understanding the exact situation and the right camera will be selected for the task. One of those cameras is a standard analog CCD camera, this is one of the most commonly used cameras which is in black and white it works very well in all Indore and also many outdoor applications it may not have digital effects but it has over 220 horizontal lines to 58 horizontal lines light-sensitive may very. There are even color cameras but it is restricted by low light situations so in several units it captures color during daylight hours and black and white during the night when light is low. The IP cameras need visible light to create an image it comes in black and white or colors this camera is available in three styles standard megapixels and the smart main function of this camera is to identify digital motion detection and facial recognition there are other cameras like infrared cameras and thermal cameras.

CCTV system provides a clear vision with a concise appraisal of the particular area to the customers for monitoring and for maintaining the integrity of a firm. CCTV system gives out a clear-cut picture of the surroundings in and around the vision of the camera and also has the ability to record videos with high-resolution clarity