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Traditional PAGA vs IP based PAGA

A public address general alarm is a type of emergency notification system that sends out an alert to the public. The alert is broadcast on radio, television, or over the Internet. The purpose of a public address system alarm is to warn people about emergencies such as fires, floods, and other situations that may threaten life and property.

The public Address General Alarm (PAGA) OIL AND GAS industry is a business that provides Public Address Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, and Security Alarm Systems. It is also known as Public Address Systems Industry or PA Systems Industry. This industry provides services to clients through various ways like installation, maintenance, repair, and service of the alarm system. The main products are fire alarm systems, security alarm systems, and public address systems.

Traditional PAGA

Traditional public addressing (TPA) is a system that allows for the monitoring of all telephone lines in a building. The TPA can be used to monitor an entire building or just certain areas within it. A TPA can also provide security and fire protection by activating emergency call boxes, door locks, lights, and other devices when there is a problem with the phone line. This type of system may also allow you to use your phone as if you were at home even though you are on vacation.

IP based PAGA

IP-based public addressing is a method of assigning IP addresses to devices in an organization. In this method, the device's MAC address and IP address are both unique identifiers for that device. The use of this type of addressing allows the network administrator to assign individual IP addresses to each device on the network, rather than using one or more shared addresses (such as This approach also provides better security by allowing only authorized devices access to the network resources they need.

Public addressing general alarm is a public address system that uses the same number for all of its users. This means that every user has his or her own unique phone number and can be reached by dialling the same number. The advantage of this type of system is that it allows each user to have their own personal telephone line, which they can use to make calls without having to share with anyone else. This feature also makes it easy for callers to find out whom they are calling when using a public addressing general alarm system; there is no need for them to memorize any numbers or names because all users will have the same one.

Advantages of PAGA

  • Clear sound in highly noisy areas
  • Reliable and safe
  • Individual and multiple zone-wise announcements
  • No limitations on speaker
  • High-performance loudspeaker
  • High-reliability amplifier
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low Cost
  • High flexibility
  • Easy adaptability
  • Centralized monitoring system
  • Highly reliable
  • Economic-friendly cable

How does the PAGA system work?

The public address system is a collection of speakers that broadcast announcements and other information over the school's PA system. The speakers are usually mounted on the walls or ceilings of the building, but may also be located in classrooms.

The public alarm is a free service that allows you to be notified when there is an emergency or fire in your industry. The system will send out a text message, email, and/or phone call to workers in the industry. In addition, it can also send out notifications to all other people who are registered with the system (e.g., staff members).

How do I register my industrial area? 

Aarmtech conducts The Public Addressing And General Alarming, Paga coverage study, It is a survey of the public address system in different kinds of industries. This study aims to determine the coverage and quality of service provided by each sector and to provide recommendations for improvements. This study will also help inform long-term planning activities.

Registering your industrial area is easy! You can either use our website or contact us by phone at Mob:00918943000999 or Tel:004602999233

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