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Time Attendance System

Time and attendance are a part of access control solutions hence gradually serving with a time attendance system. AARMTech is dealing with the world's latest products and also dealing with different types of access control systems globally. AARMTech Time Attendance system solutions are capable of minimizing your routine work by the Time Attendance system solutions together on the cloud. Now with the help of our Time Attendance system solutions, you can easily make out the leave balance, over time, and also leads the manager to work efficiently.  AARMTech Time Attendance system solutions will ensure you the online timesheet in a single click which will help you from investing more time and money in traditional methods of managing employee attendance. Time Attendance system solution leads to the easy monitoring of employee work hours in real-time with the time checking system and to manage any type of shift without the manual effort required for the entry. The time attendance system helps to track and monitor when regarding the working hour of the employee by simultaneously monitoring late arrivals and break timing and so on. Previously the time and attendance system was done in the manual system with the help of a person who will record all the details in a book or a paper card with the time stamp using a time stamping machine. But the system is outdated, now automated time and attendance is been widely used. After introducing the automated time and attendance system lots of time and effort of the employee has vanished. The automated time and attendance system are very flexible and easy to use. Employees can just swipe or give a fingerprint to the automated time and attendance machine to identify themselves to record their attendance and time. We have different types of time and attendances service with small-scale solutions, medium scale access control solutions for offices, hospitals, and schools.


AARMTech time and attendance Control system solutions have various applications in all types of the main entry.  AARMTech is an enterprise that has a very efficient solution for a modern organization including time and attendance Control solutions. As modern problems have a modern solution we will always look forward to highly efficient technology involved in your all work. Apart from this. Use our time and attendance control solution for public and private sectors like warehouse security, industrial security, institutional security, laboratory security, Hospital security, and business security. Time is money, and an employee following the exact time is a Loyal Employee, these kinds of employees can be paid in full. In the past, due to not having the technology to track the employee's moves, it was very difficult to even monitor their working hours, one may use to be confused as to whether an employee has worked for the exact given point of time every day or not, this becomes a matter of deep trouble as to whether the employees has been loyal to the company or not a firm will have to forcefully pay the employees in full as there wasn’t any source of evidence to prove as to when and when they have worked, what time did they take a break? And when were they even absent? Even though all these were being tracked manually in the past, still it would not be that helpful due to the danger of proxy attendance. In this time period, we have been blessed with a lot of technology and with help of a time and attendance system, we can track the movements of employees from time to time, and also pay them only a part of the time they have worked. AARMTech Time and Attendance system have helped a lot of firms, companies, and big business to track their employees effectively and have also saved their time, Money, and energy. AARMTech time and attendance system have become a choice of most companies and firm, whether it is a Renowned firm or a small-scale business, most of the people have chosen the AARMTechs time and attendance system, and till date, none of our clients have received any complaints regarding the same.