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CCTV AMC Solution


AARMTech as the best security providing company has the best plans for the operational and maintenance area. We do focus on giving the best operational and maintaining service among the existing companies. We have the capability to provide impressive services in operational and  maintenance in the  the field of the security systems. We will do the operation and maintenance service for all types of   petrochemical plants, and sectors like banking and hospital in a very effective way by appointing necessary manpower in the control room. AARMTech   created a dedicated team only for operation and maintenance services, the team consists of a Maintenance Manager, Maintenance on-call person, Preventive maintenance team, corrective Maintenance team  and  emergency response team. AARMTech can  take any type of security and low current maintenance program either long term or short term. AARMTech maintaining its own Maintenance program and updating it at regular intervals. AARMTech developed its own checklist & reports  for almost all security domains. Once we award any project in Maintenance, AARMTech will customize the checklist upon client requirement  and take prior approval before implanting to the system.

We will appoint a team for the operation in the site, and if necessary we will also monitor it through the remotest technology available.AARMTech will provided  a full-time operational service. While we doing a CCTV AMC , we will make the utilization of the technology of video analytic. Where we will able to find the unauthorized or another kind of vulnerable activity through it. Our operational activities are very advanced in technology and will work automatically by opening cameras. So we can reduce the number of workers needed for operational activities.

We will take a Maintenance contract on an annual basis, monthly basis  and one-time basis. We will do all kinds of maintenance activities related to the security filed. Along with the many other security-related Maintenance work the CCTV AMC is main. Our Maintenance contract can be termed into a corrective Maintenance contract and preventive Maintenance contract. In that, the preventive Maintenance contract can be scheduled for monthly, weekly, or yearly. Normally the preventive Maintenance is been done every month. In the corrective Maintenance, we will rectify the problems and will be giving a necessary supports wherever needed

To  ensure a smooth function of machine we must maintain it very well. Here Maintenance becomes a key factor. So in case of CCTV cameras, we must maintain it in a good manner to ensure its quality output. We have a dedicated team for the CCTV AMC. CCTV AMC needs to be maintained by an experienced and professionals who has an idea about all variety of cameras. Because CCTV AMC needs some special care and experienced professionals for its smooth functionality. Our talented team has deep knowledge about all types of CCTV cameras which makes us rum all kinds of CCTV AMC projects very smooth. We will try our maximum to fit your requirements in CCTV AMC projects. As top security providing company in GCC. We we will be more focused on the quality and efficient work which is been done in a given time period by considering your budget. Our dedicated team in CCTV AMC will be continuously  monitoring the all process parameter to ensure the quality work and to ensure the smooth function of the CCTV cameras installed in a particular area.

Nevertheless, not just CCTV Maintenance, AARMtech provides Maintenance for every product it delivers, accordingly, each equipment’s or technologies have their own Maintenance standards, AARMTech, keeping all these things in mind will make sure that each product you purchase, will be well maintained and will conditionally keep your product on a regular or bi-regular basis. We take care of highly maintained and sensitive products safety, we will provide services for your product for a fixed period, and will keep on updating the purchase of your firm or company, this will ensure you a long time run product for AARMtech. Regardless of Maintenance, our company is equally intelligent in operating the product of your purchase, AARMTech highly talented employees, whom we have hired a team specially dedicated for operations and executing the plan of your firm's needs in a very highly demanding and a very convenient manner, AARMtech operating management workers will never let you down in any manner, as they will make you satisfied by doing work in a very impressive way and by doing it in a given time period with their skills of operating, as they have been specific regards with the technologies