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Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) Solutions

Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) is one that has the potential to capture high-quality still images and also has the potential to Capture HD quality videos. ALPR provided by Aarmtech has the capability to also produce real-time videos of the license plate of the vehicle, hence making the law enforcement department enact as soon as possible if any fraudulent activities are found on the moving roads. Thus, this can access high-quality still images of the license plate of the vehicle, which in return enables Law enforcement cooperatives to trace and detect the vehicle with ease.

AARMTech has an Automated License Plate Recognition service that recognizes the image of the vehicle. It gives a response with the data of the license and also can provide other information like vehicle color, body type, and model. AARMTech has acquired a highly accurate Automated License Plate Recognition solution which can be easily integrated through REST API. Our Automated License Plate Recognition solution is a deep learning-based powerful Automated License Plate Recognition solution. The Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) solution provides complete coverage for commercial vehicle execution violations and travels time calculations. This high-performance image capture system incorporates a dual-lens design with onboard pulsed infrared LEDs, allowing it to operate in total darkness and other adverse weather conditions. ALPR provides plate number, jurisdiction, and confidence as part of the standard message set.

Automated License Plate Recognition works very effectively and can give a greater impact band experience to the law enforcement department collectively. One major quality of Automated License Plate Recognition is that it can rapidly capture the moving objects (vehicles) license plate without any blurred vision, thus it ensures you an HD image quality of even the fast-moving vehicles and perks of having Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) is that the Images and Videos can be accessed from any web devices directly to the management’s server. ALPR system also has the ability to perform the configuration of different cameras located in different areas sitting at the management office easily- hence ALPR system is qualified one with exemplary performance, whether it is a white plate or a black, it is designed in such a way that it can recognize either of the types of license plates.

ALPR system is used by the Law enforcement department mainly to recognize the speed of the vehicle, for instance, a particular highway or Road specifically has its speed limit accordingly, any vehicle breaking the rules of speed appointed to the vehicle is tantamount to be get caught by the ALPR with a high speed, hence no vehicle can escape the high performance of ALPR system provided by Aarmtech. This ALPR produces various kinds of Information for the desks of law enforcement management such as plate text- it immediately recognizes whatsoever text is available on the vehicle's license plate. Recognition of the country of a vehicle's country code is equally important, thus our product is also able to do the same immediately.

When it comes to the accuracy of the ALPR design and solution, provided by Aarmtech is highly accurate and gives 100 percent satisfaction to the law enforcement department. Apart from these, having collected the images and videos of the license plate, it also has the potential to calculate the direction of the vehicle, this helps the law enforcement department in any investigation-based works, henceforth making it easy for them. Thus, the ALPR system is designed by AARMTech and is capable of performing almost every activity that a law enforcement department needs and ensuring high durability, High quality, and high accuracy product to the clients.