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Coverage Study

Coverage Study

Aarmtech provides services like PAGA coverage  study, Wifi coverage study and security training  and consulting. Let's dive in and look at all of the services deeply. 

Having a strong WiFi connection is great, but at the same time, good WiFi coverage study is a cause for concern, especially in industries and businesses that have a high level of security system connected to WiFi. These security systems include video surveillance, drone systems, access control systems, integrated security systems, radio transmitters, satellites, time and attendance systems, and  more. The WLAN must always be connected for everything to work smoothly. In addition, problems occur when the WiFi connection cannot reach these devices, is blank, and does not work at all. 

 All of the above tools and devices are data oriented and these technologies require a powerful WiFi system that can work effectively by sending data to the owner. In this way, the owner is thoroughly informed of everything that is happening in and around the office space. All of this is done to promote a safer working environment. However, it requires a lot of WiFi coverage and the location can be well protected with  higher performance. Meanwhile, Armtech also offers a WiFi coverage study that allows you to install WiFi in a wider area and location.

Aarmtech is pleased to announce that we conduct all types of coverage studies, including PAGA coverage studies. The organisation has hired the best people to handle the PAGA sound coverage study, who will contribute to the construction of a master PAGA system to prevent any security escalation with their detailed expertise and extensive experience. Because the oil and gas business is especially susceptible to blasts and rapid firing, a PAGA coverage study is just as critical as any other security research. PAGA coverage analysis is necessary to understand the threat and know when it is approaching, and it should be retracted by building the best PAGA system that will soundly alarm and allow the workplace to empty minutes before the tension explodes. 

Last, but not the least, the company also undertakes the services of security training and security consulting. In addition, the company has acquired the best security professionals who can in return help you to consult them with regards to any security issues or concerns arising at the doorstep of your firm. The company appoints these very professionals to meet with you and discuss the issues pertaining to the security of the firm. These very professionals then analyse your firm's security and bring about a great change to the company’s atmosphere that is blessed with robust security all over the firm. Hence, we promise to deliver the best Wifi coverage study, paga coverage along with security consultancy services excellently. 

Steps including our services

  • Feasibility Studies and reports
  • Audit and Assessment of fecility
  • Strategy preparation
  • Basic Design & Detailed Engineering
  • ‘For Tender‘ or ‘For Construction‘ Design Packages
  • Procurement Management Support
  • Project Management during construction and implementation phases - PMP methodologies
  • Installation assessment, Monitoring, Testing witness and Handover engineer service"