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What to consider when choosing an industrial paging system for your business?

Industrial paging system: An industrial paging system can effectively communicate with a large group of audience to alert an emergency or convey a message. The paging system provides clear and amplified communication to the audience. It delivers messages through the speaker after it is broadcasted.

Purpose of a paging system: A paging system allows one-way communication to a broad audience to make announcements and notify or summon people Regardless of the broadcast source, a one-way paging system lets the speaker provide audible, amplified instructions throughout the area.

Wired and wireless paging system

There are two ways to implement a paging system, wired and wireless:

Wired Paging System

The wired paging system has wires/cables running from an amplifier out to each speaker. The amplifier is normally connected to an analog port on a phone system, or to a VoIP adapter if the phone system is IP-based. If you have an IP-based phone system, then you will need an adapter to convert the signal to analog, and an amplifier to drive the speakers. Amplified SIP speakers can be directly connected to a SIP-based IP phone system.

Wireless paging System

The second method is using a wireless paging system, which is the simplest way and offers mobility. A wireless paging system uses two-way radio frequencies to receive transmissions. You can utilize your own two-way radios, brand-new handheld radios, or base station intercoms for desk mount.

If in addition to broadcasting messages, you also require two-way communication, then you can set up base station intercom radios across the building that staff members can access. You can assign a dedicated communications channel between the Wireless PA and the radios or intercoms contacting it, allowing you to utilize your radios or intercoms on a different channel for regular communications without broadcasting over the PA system.

To increase the paging system coverage, you can install up to two loudspeakers on a single Wireless PA receiver. Each speaker can typically deliver sound up to 7500 feet away, but we have observed higher coverage in locations with moderate noise levels. Each speaker includes a 25 ft. cable. The cables can be extended by using standard RCA phono cables and couplers.

If you already have a wired Paging system but want to use wireless two-way radios to make broadcasts, a PA Bridge can be connected to the inputs on a wired amplifier.

How to choose the best industrial paging system for your business

If you have a business with a large facility and a lot of ground to cover, IP paging systems are a great choice—you can project your voice, music, or other important audio via intercoms and other equipment that’s on the network.  But you need to know what to look for in an IP paging system if you want to amplify information throughout your company.

When deciding what features you need from a paging system for your business, you should be aware of some important distinctions, like system types, what you want to use them for, and speaker functions.


There are two primary types of paging systems, both of which are still widely in use: IP paging systems and analog paging systems. They can also be combined to form a hybrid paging system.

For example, IP paging systems connect to your IP network via ethernet. Analog systems, operate on a different system and require their own wiring infrastructure, and have been around for a lot longer.

However, the majority of companies choose to go with a hybrid system—one that integrates the best of IP and analog systems. For example, the hybrid option can include both and extend the life of existing equipment, when you use paging adapters, you can integrate IP options.


Most businesses use IP systems for two reasons: background music and emergency alerts, some other reasons too.

If you manage a grocery store or hotel and you’re most interested in playing music in certain spaces, like the hotel lobby, there are some features:

  • Wideband audio ensures high-quality music throughout the coverage space
  • Some integrated IP speakers provide adaptive volume control, allowing more restriction on how loud the music is in an area.

If you’re seeking a technique to send out emergency alerts, IP paging systems frequently support emergency broadcasts. For this, standard speakers should do the trick—you can even select a special tone to ensure that everyone hears the alert. Additional helpful cues for your team members are strobe lights.

  • Wireless paging uses the radio and is a great alternative for situations without an internet connection, such as when team members are out in the field. With this feature, wireless pager systems have built-in receivers that allow the listener to tune into the appropriate frequency for announcements.
  • Conversely, overhead paging systems transmit messages via speakers that are often mounted overhead. These systems are frequently employed in retail establishments and as warehouse paging systems, typically in situations where communication is one-way only. Teams receive the information they require and are able to react appropriately.

Whatever you require from an IP system, working with the proper communications business can make deployment much easier.

What needs to be checked before installing a paging system?

Before installing a paging system, it’s necessary to first conduct a site survey. You’ll have to determine

  • necessary speaker size and number
  • the size of the area that must be covered by the speakers, or speaker coverage area
  • the spacing of speakers
  • the number of amplifiers required.

Design from inside out, in other words, begin the design in the equipment room and move it to the location where the farthest speaker will be placed.

Factors to Consider before Buying a Paging System

Let's examine a few factors you need to take into account when selecting a paging system for your company.

  1. Transmission Range of Paging System

Long-distance pagers allow customers to have a free range of activities, with no need to gather and wait in a queue.

  1. Quantity of pagers in a set

Different models of industrial pagers come in sets. One set contains many pagers. Pick the one that will work best for your company.

  1. Battery and Charging

You need to choose pager systems with a long battery life that are rechargeable to serve your business for a longer period of time.

  1. Warranty Policy

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