Advanced Asset Risk Management Technologies

Under vehicle detection system

Have you ever been had a glance under your car, curious to know? There are a lot of instances where there might be potentially harmful objects attached under your car without your knowledge Don’t you feel this issue to be taken seriously. Number of cases has been reported on this particular matter. You might have watched lot of movies where a bomb is attached to the vehicle of a superior powered person without his/her knowledge and later his car happens to be burst out with it’s affect.

Under vehicle detection solution is developed in the late 1980’s,the system used is black and white images from area scan camera for the further reference. The system has further developed a lot with the advanced technologies like ANPR vehicle recognition, automated change detection , color imaging system , integrated chemical detection. Under vehicle detection solutions can be permanently attached to the road , fixed to the surface or the road or can be used as portable device. Which makes the use  of the under vehicle detection system very flexible to use .

When it comes to the matter of life, is not being secure a primary need for you and your beloved ones? Well a common quote or saying by most of the people “precaution is better than cure” best fits here in this case. So if precaution is better than cure, then there must be a technology which will be helpful in detecting the potentially harmful substance.

People usually don’t acknowledge to even to analyze their car as a whole. Suppose even if you are acknowledging it with your bare eyes, first you need to have more knowledge about automobile’s, secondly it is very time consuming and also becomes a great task to figure it out because there might also be a micro harmful substance installed. When the vehicle is arrived at the check point where the under vehicle detection solution is installed it images the vehicles undercarriage and transmit it to control unit  do a quick scan to find out all type of objects hidden. The image and scanning report of the undercarriage of the vehicle can be stored for later viewing .

Under vehicle detector will be very useful in the places where checking happens simultaneously. The chances of vehicle carrying harmful substance is high. It becomes to obvious that a police cannot always bend or can scan it properly with naked eyes, here the device can come into the role of scanning it with an accuracy. This particular technology can also produce a clear image of under vehicle, which makes it easy to figure it out if any illegal object is installed in it. It can also store the image as well as record it for any further use, and also can be applied in different environment. Works as an intelligent under vehicle detector.