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Components of Public Address System and How does it work?

The Public Address System is used for making announcements in public places like Industrial areas, schools, colleges, offices, etc. It is also used to make announcements on radio and television programs. A public address system can be operated by a single person or group of people.

A public addressing system (PAS) is a network of interconnected computer devices that allows users to communicate with other users via the Internet. (PASs) is typically used for voice, data, and video communications.

How does PAS work?

A public address system (or PA) is a type of sound reinforcement system that allows the operator to control the volume of one or more loudspeakers. The term public address system can refer to any kind of loudspeaker, but it usually refers specifically to a method for amplifying and directing sound from multiple speakers. A public address system can be used in many different ways, including as a microphone for speech amplification, as an intercom between two locations, or even just for announcing information over the airwaves.

Public addressing system isn’t one kind of thing it’s a combination of different kinds of components like;

  • Speakers 
  • Amplifiers 
  • Audio Mixer 
  • Speaker Processor
  • Microphones 
  • Effects 
  • DI Box 
  • Cables and Accessories.


Public address systems are used for sound and voice amplification. It is a type of loudspeaker that produces high-quality sound waves in the air to be heard by people around it. The loudspeakers can be installed on the walls, ceiling, or ground. They can also be placed on top of the stage or at different locations inside and outside the hall where they will send out their sound waves to all corners of the venue so that everyone can hear them clearly without any distortion. PAS speakers have 3 components that are;

  • main speakers
  • subwoofers
  • monitors


An amplifier is a device that amplifies the voltage or current of an electrical signal. An amplifier is Needed only if using passive speakers. It is used to increase the power (voltage and/or current) of an electrical signal, often to levels that are suitable for driving loudspeakers. The most common application for audio amplifiers is playing music through loudspeakers; in this case, it is called "amplification" because it increases the amplitude (power) of low-level signals into high-level signals capable of being heard by humans.

Audio Mixer

Audio Mixer is software that enables one to mix and record audio from different sources. It allows you to add effects, change the volume of each source, and even split the output into several channels. Audio mixers are of two types that are:

  • Analog
  • Digital

Speaker Processor

A Speaker processor is a small device that you can connect to your speakers, it will boost the sound quality and make the voice come alive The most obvious benefit is that the audio coming from the speakers sounds better than before. The difference is night and day! Another great thing about speaker processors is they make it easier to get surround sound by just connecting them to one set of speakers instead of having multiple systems.


Microphones are used to convert sound waves into electrical signals. It may be Dynamic or Condenser microphones. They can be either wired or wireless, and they come in different shapes and sizes. The most common types of microphones are the dynamic microphone, condenser microphone, ribbon microphone and electret microphone. 

  1. Dynamic Microphone is a type of mic that uses a moving coil to pick up vibrations from sounds. These mics work by having an extremely thin wire that vibrates when it picks up sound waves. This movement causes the coil to move back and forth which creates an electrical signal when it reaches a preamp inside the mic itself. 
  2. Condenser microphones are the most commonly used type of microphone. They have a diaphragm that is made from an electrically-conductive material and is usually attached to a small magnet, which allows it to pick up sound vibrations. These microphones require power in order for them to work properly, but they do not produce any sound themselves. Instead, these microphones convert electrical signals into mechanical vibrations that can be heard by your computer's audio card another recording devices.


Effects in speaker is a feature that allows you to add effects to the sound of your voice. effects are only used if needed. You can use this feature in order to make the voice more interesting or professional. effect increases the volume of your voice, making it louder than usual. It’s also used for adjusting the level of background noise and for increasing the clarity of speech at low volumes. 

DI Box

DI box Direct Injection Box is a device that converts the audio signal from the source to an electrical signal. This can be done by using either analog or digital technology. The DI box is usually placed before the amplifier, but it can also be placed after if you have a preamp.

Cables and Accessories

Cables and Accessories are used in speakers to connect the speakers to a power supply, amplifier, or other equipment. It is very important for the sound quality of your system that you use good cables and accessories.

In public addressing, the address is a unique identifier for the network. In order to identify an individual node in a network, it must be assigned an address that uniquely identifies it on the network. This process of assigning addresses to nodes within a given area or region is called public addressing. Public addressing allows computers and other devices located in different areas to communicate with each other without having to know their physical location on the internetwork (network).