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Industrial security design

Nowadays integrated security system becomes obvious to keep your asset and surrounding safe and secured. An integrated security system may be a collection of the most needed security system in your organization and it allows all your security systems and tools to seamlessly work together. In short, the integrated security system has an important role in the security industry and has huge benefits including the usage of the multi-layered approach. As the layer of the security increases it becomes harder to break it down and what might be belonging to the security system depends upon the size and security need of your firm. An integrated security system can include some of the following: Video surveillance system, Access control system, Automatic license plate recognition, Smart Home Solutions, Safety system solutions, Smart home solutions, Digital surveillance solutions, Telecoms solutions, and many other security systems. Integrated security system tends to work together for example when a video surveillance system is integrated with the access control system the match the timing stamps from the access control system with the videos. If the Access control system is not integrated into the video surveillance the task of searching will be more difficult, when the Access control system reports the unauthorized access the staff or appointed person has to search for hours for the video footage to locate the time and the person access to the room. So an integrated security system will help us to reduce this work. In the same case if we have integrated the Alarm system along with the video surveillance system and Access control system the efficiency of the security system integration increases by giving the alarm also when the unauthorized person tries to pass the access control system will cause the alarm system to the loud voice and meanwhile the video surveillance system record the incident. When a business is growing and reaching the bounds of the sky there comes the need for an Integrated security system. Aarmtech is pleased to serve these businesses with its high quality security integrated systems, which in short covers up almost everything accordingly to the company’s basic or advanced needs. Our Integrated security system works together harmoniously, the security integrated systems include video surveillance, to keep an eye on the business through good quality CCTV camera, the organizational director can access to these video footages from anywhere and anytime through his/ her mobile phones, hence ensuring there is no loss to the organization due to any individual because of its high quality Surveillance, moreover these security integrated systems Aarmtech provides can be accessed in real time. Our security Integrated system includes video monitoring, video reviewing, video Analysis, getting access control, Audio Warning and alerting system, License/number plate recognition equipment’s and many more everything your organization needs. Nevertheless, the video surveillance systems through our integrated security system also have the potential to provide any data from any time, day, month, or year easily, this in return makes the organization access data easily without any barriers. Thus, the Aarmtech Integrated security system provides almost everything based on your organization's security needs. There are several organization which uses classic security system which no more acts as the best in the modern era and which is not integrated. So in this, we can handle this type of project and can provide them efficiently and cost effective security system integration. Our evaluation team runs out a detailed survey and we will design and implement the integrated security system that is tailored to meet your all safety and security needs